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Connectify PRO v3.4 | 2012

Connectify PRO v3.4 | 2012 - Connectify is an internet-sharing utility that share your internet connection via several users.thus you will not need hub ,access point or router.take for example you have a netbook ,several notebooks and desktops with will connect the dsl(utb) wire wih the netbook(8 hrs of battery life will save you internet disconnection due to power failure if you use routers ,hub or access points).then you install connectify in the netbook .this utility will share your dsl among the notebooks and desktops (connected with the netbook via Wi-Fi).

Connectify is very stable( and in my opinion better than the most recent version).this version works fine in windows 7 (windows 7 sp1 is power- and resource-cosuming for netbooks and is better avoided ;even better installing windows 7 with macosx theme for netbooksandthere is a hotfix for windows included in the torrent (better installed before installing connectify).

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