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MySpace sells to Specific Media for $35 million

Social network MySpace has been sold once again.

The buyer is digital-media company Specific Media, which purchased the site from News Corp. for an undisclosed sum. As part of the deal, News Corp. will take a minority equity stake in Specific Media.

AllThingsD's Kara Swisher, who first reported the sale earlier today, said Specific Media paid $35 million.

In a statement about the sale, Specific Media CEO Tim Vanderhook said: "Myspace is a recognized leader that has pioneered the social media space. The company has transformed the ways in which audiences discover, consume and engage with content online."

"There are many synergies between our companies as we are both focused on enhancing digital media experiences by fueling connections with relevance and interest," he said. "We look forward to combining our platforms to drive the next generation of digital innovation."

As part of the deal, Swisher says MySpace's staff of 400 will be cut in half, corroborating murmurs from yesterday that more layoffs were on the way. In a memo sent to employees, MySpace CEO Mike Jones made note of additional "restructuring initiatives" while also announcing that he's departing the company after a two-month transition period.

"My time here at MySpace represents the most engaging and challenging time of my professional career," Jones wrote. "I have found our team to be comprised of the best people I have come across in our industry."

MySpace was purchased by News Corp. in 2005 for a whopping $580 million as a way to help drive traffic to Fox's TV and media efforts. According to Swisher, News Corp.'s announced equity stake will be 5 percent to 10 percent of Specific Media. By comparison, Microsoft invested $240 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook back in 2007, a company that was valued at $70 billion earlier this week.

MySpace underwent a massive redesign last year in an attempt to shed the site's stigma of lagging behind rival Facebook. This included adding a trending topics feature, and more media on profile pages to better integrate media from other properties.

Just a few months later, the company gutted its infrastructure, announcing a "significant organizational restructuring" that cut 47 percent of staff, or around 500 employees. That move was said to be tied to the company attempting to trim down to make itself more of a target for potential buyers.

During an earnings conference call in February, News Corp. CEO Chase Carey said that the time was right to sell off the Web property to a new buyer in order for the site to "reach its full potential," and that the company was "evaluating those strategic alternatives."

Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg said the sale shows how volatile the social market is, and how quickly consumer tastes can change.

"The fundamental question is where did $550 million of value go?" Gartenberg said. "And there's a cautionary tale for other players in the space. Certainly the largest players have less to worry about, but smaller players that are looking very, very good today that are very niche may discover that consumers are more fickle than they think, and definitely have an affinity for the latest, shiny new thing that comes along."

According to research from, MySpace pulled in 30.79 million unique visitors last month, which is down 6.34 percent compared with the previous month, and a 54.47 percent drop year over year. Looking at those numbers over the past two years, the chart looks like this:

Monthly unique visitors to MySpace, month by month for the past two years.
(Credit: Compete)

As for how the new buyers can change that trend, Gartenberg suggested refocusing the site on its music roots.

"If they double-down in that area and really focus the site on music, and can fit in this with existing music services that are out there, and the strong social connection, there's probably some sort of profitable business that can be rebuilt out of it," Gartenberg said. "But is it going to be a site that's going to dominate the entire social-network space? I think those days are behind it at this point."

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Facebook Tips

Listed here are TEN Search engine optimization techniques and tactics every Facebook Page user will have to understand:

1. Choose the very best Title for the Facebook Page – and do not Ever Change It Out

Selecting the best identity in your Facebook Page is vital. For example, in case your title seems too spammy, individuals will most likely be not as likely to discuss it using their affiliates by themselves page and more prone to hide your updates using their Facebook feed. Next, don’t give in to the temptation to select a totally common page title. Facebook’s intention for Pages is they legitimately characterize companies and brands, in addition to stars. Lately, Facebook continues to be crippling updates for common Pages.

2. Choose the most effective URL for the Facebook Page

Facebook lately provided the versatility to select a title for the Facebook Page, nearly the most crucial Search engine optimization option on Facebook up to now. Facebook wants Pages to legitimately are a symbol of the details of companies. Brands with generally used game titles have experienced their privileges suspended formerly.

The soundest solution is always to pick a username which legitimately presents your web business or company. The moment you choose a Facebook username/URL for the Page, it wouldn’t be changed. So, search for a username you will attend ease, and satisfied, with for future years. For those who have a business that is an expert in replica watches, result in the URL something related to replica watches.

3. Make use of the "About" box to put Search Phrase-Thick Content towards the top of the Page

One critical Search engine optimization approach that should be found in your Facebook Page whenever achievable is placing search phrase-thick content as near to the the surface of the Page as possible. Since Facebook limits wherever Page managers are able to place substantial parts of text message about the Wall of Facebook Pages, the "About" box essentially is the greatest location within the CSS structure from the page to include custom content. You will discover there’s 250 character restriction, so choose your content properly.

4. Make use of the "Info" Tab to include Extra Critical Keywords And Phrases, Content, and High Priority Back links in your Page

Facebook produces an "Info" tab for every Facebook Page that has fields comprised of important illustrative data concerning the Page. It’s vital that you complete each one of these fields, because they offer the possibility to include keywords and key phrases, content, and hyperlinks that could enhance the articles rating in your Facebook Page for a lot of types of Google queries. The particular fields existing could differ in line with the type you select for the Page if you create it, so choose the category which most effectively meets your company needs.
5. Develop "Static FBML" Boxes and Tabs to put Extended Articles Plus Much More Static Back links in your Page

While chances to put substantial blocks of text message about the default tab from the Facebook Page are usually quite restricted, Facebook allows Page managers to create-up supplemental boxes or tabs that could carry any kind of subject material, including text, images, and hyperlinks. Adding content boxes or tabs for your Page might be a powerful way to supercharge the score of the Page.

6. Publish Direct Back links Targeted at the Website Within Your Page’s Stream

Status updates provide a powerful means to fix place direct back links towards the top of your particular Page. Since Google boosts ranking for web pages which connect to relevant websites – and penalizes pages which connect to irrelevant webpages or that add a lot of backlinks too all of a sudden – posting hyperlinks in status updates can be very a highly effective and reliable method of better rank your Facebook Page.

You’ll find 2 techniques to submit hyperlinks:
a. Such as the URL inside the text from the status update itself.
b. While using "attach link" function.

7. Add Pictures with Captions, Activities with Explanations, along with a Conversation Community Forum

This almost is obvious, yet it’s imperative that you regularly spread helpful subject material about the Facebook Page, together with always using all offered illustrative fields on each and every type of content shared. When posting images apply extended and search phrase-thick explanations. Make use of the assets Facebook offers your whole gain.

8. Create Backlinks for your Facebook Page from the web by Posting Back links for your Page on All Of Your Websites

Just like a great number of backlinks from high-authority webpages might help improve PageRank for normal internet sites, obtaining backlinks for the Facebook Page may improve its PR too. You are able to make this happen with text back links, but Facebook has additionally created a badge so it encourages Page managers to make use of.

9. Get Intra-Facebook Backlinks simply by Obtaining More Facebook Supporters

The greater fans you receive, the greater back links you’ll have to your personal Page within Facebook. For Pages with 1000′s of supporters, the amount of back links mounts up.

10. Reinforce Intra-Facebook Connecting through getting Fans to examine and Like Content inside your Stream

Whenever supporters comment or like content inside your Facebook Page’s stream, Facebook links their title back to their personal Facebook profile page. Subsequently, when the profile stubs of individuals supporters who’ve set up feedback and likes in your Page are listed, Google will uncover more reciprocal links involving the Page as well as your Page’s fans, so it might find to become a far better relationship. This leads to a cycle of enhanced link weight in the listed profile page stubs for your Page.

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Google+ Is Google’s Social Network with Group Video Chat, Mobile Messaging, and Easy Sharing

We've been hearing rumors about an upcoming Google-based social network for months, and Google's finally delivered. Their social project works similarly to other popular networks, but with innovative new additions like group video chatting, group messaging, and a much easier to use interface.

What Is It?: Google+ isn't so much a social network, as we're used to the term, but a collection of services that have social aspects to them. You have a group of friends, but its more designed for small groups of your real-life friends rather than a giant friends list, with whom you share everything all the time. Instead, it helps you discover content, share it with the friends you think would like it, and communicating with them on an individual or small group basis. On the surface, though, it doesn't look all that different from Facebook or Twitter. You have a profile that's all about you, you can share thoughts, links and photos, and view a feed of the things your friends have shared. In practice, though, it's aimed at smaller groups of people, with a feature set that reflects that.

Circles: Google Circles is the center of Google+. It's similar to Facebook and Twitter lists, except it's actually easy to use: Google+ grabs your friends from your Gmail contacts, and you can drag and drop them into groups of people based on your relationships, interests, or whatever you want. The goal is to get rid of all the crap in your feed that you don't want to see. Got a group of techie friends? You can share all your Apple news or software tricks with them and only them. Got a humorous but raunchy video you'd rather not share with your mom? Share it with just your friends that appreciate off-color humor. Of course, it still relies on you actually creating those lists, but it's easier to do than on other networks, meaning that, in theory, you have a better chance of actually using the feature.

Sparks: Sparks is like a recommendation engine, Instapaper, and social network all rolled into one. You tell Sparks your interests and it'll grab recent, interesting content on that subject—whether it be videos, books, blog posts, or pretty much anything else Google can search. You can then save these items for later and share them with your friends. It's populated by how often things are being shared and through Google's +1 buttons, so it has the potential to be pretty cool—if people use it.

Hangouts: This is a really cool feature that other social networks (and even IM services) seem to be severely lacking: a "come video chat with me, I'm just hanging out" button. Right now, most people seem to schedule video chats ahead of time and with purpose—most people don't just video chat out of the blue. In Google+, you can just hit the hangout button and all your friends will see that you're available and not busy, open to video chatting. They can then "join" your hangout and video chat with you and other people. Again, it requires people actually use the service, but it's better than Skype or iChat as-is, where people only see that you're online, but there's no open invitation to come on in and video chat.

Huddle: Group texting is nothing new, but with BBM on BlackBerry, iMessages on iOS, and Android supposedly creating their own, there's very little that's cross-platform. Huddle is Google's answer, which will be available on more platforms and be a bit more at the forefront than, say, something like Facebook messages, which seems buried in a sea of other features. With Huddle, you send messages to all the members of one of your circles, perfect for planning a quick hangout without the hassle of mass text messages.

Google+ is going to have a desktop app that you can access from the top bar on every Google page, but it will also be available on both Android and iOS. Just like other social networks, this means you have access to your messages and your feed wherever you go, you can attach location to your posts, and instantly upload photos and videos to your profile.

So is Google+ something you'll actually want to use? It's possible—Google has already permeated themselves into every corner of our online existence, and with Google+ being in the toolbar of ever Google page you use (plus a few compelling features), it could very well become something you actually use. The whole thing's still a bit of a work in progress, so we'll just have to see how it plays out. It's invite-only for now, so head to the Google+ home page and request one for yourself to try it out.

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Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Tips

Fire in Short Bursts

It’s as simple as this. If you keep your finger on the fire trigger…you’re going to die. Burst fire is by far the most effective firing method in call of duty 4. Short bursts are so effective because in most cases only a few bullets are need to stop your enemy and anything more then a short burst will decrease your shot accuracy


Flanking, we’ve found, is the most under used AND most effective method for acquiring multiple quick kills in Call of Duty 4. Flanking is the method of making your way BEHIND your enemy (preferably while they’re in a fire fight with your team mates) so that you are positioned for an easy kill (or hopefully kills). Flanking is not always possible. There are a lot of positions on most maps were getting behind your enemy is impossible. But it usually doesn’t take long for the enemy to advance enough or move locations so that Flanking again becomes a viable strategy.

Use the Knife when in close range

If you are close enough to hit your enemy with the knife…DO IT! Even up against an enemy with a gun, knifes will almost always be more effective. The reason? It only takes ONE swipe with a knife to kill your enemy, were as it’ll usually take a few bullets to take them down.


Crouching while moving is the most effective means of getting around the map. While crouching you’re fire is more accurate. To take advantage of this even more, try keeping your sites up while crouching and moving. Any enemy who comes running by will be easy pickins if you are crouched and sited. EXCEPTION: anytime you are in an open space with your back exposed to multiple locations…RUN. Run to a location where you can, 1. Take cover behind an object and crouch shoot or 2. Run to an area where your back is not exposed and you can crouch walk with your sites up.

Take Cover

When you’re taking fire, find the closest cover and crouch behind it. Be careful taking cover behind cars (It they haven’t already, they’ll explode when shot). Be careful taking cover behind objects that bullets can penetrate (crates, fences, clay walls, etc). Once the enemy has stopped firing, quickly take a look and return fire if possible. If you are being shot at by more than one enemy and want to get out from behind your cover to move to a more advantageous location, use a flashbang grenade.

Keep Moving

When you are not behind cover…you better be in motion. Standing out in the open is dumb, plain and simple. If you need to come out behind cover, make sure you know were you are going and if there is cover to hide behind when you get there. Using the crouch method described above when going from cover point to cover point is the best method for staying alive and achieving radar (3kills in a row without dying), airstrike (5 kills without dying) and Helicopter (7 kills without dying). The only time running is recommended is when the match first starts up and you are trying to get to a location that will give you a tactical advantage, (see map by map section), if you’re in an open area, or if you know an enemy is near and you are trying to make it into a building or behind a solid object

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Windows Optimal Settings - How to Remove Windows Optimal Settings Completely

Windows Optimal Settings belongs to the classification of rogue software. Windows Optimal Settings will scan your computer automatically and give out a report showing that there are several problems in your computer. To making users believe the fake system analysis report, Windows Optimal Settings will cause various problems by deleting real system files or modifying windows registry.

You must be wondering how Windows Optimal Settings infected your computer. Usually, Windows Optimal Settings is installed by some trojan, which will produce fake error message and recommend a program to fix the errors. Some users may think the error message is produced by windows system. Once you click on the link, Windows Optimal Settings will be downloaded to your system. In a few causes, Windows Optimal Settings is inrtoduced to the compromising computer by malicious codes.

Windows Optimal Settings can run automatically at windows startup. Once started, it will display tremendous error messages no matter when you are about to run a program or delete a file. Windows Optimal Settings will then prompt you to scan your computer. If you try to use Windows Optimal Settings to fix the errors, you will be informed that you have to purchase the program at first. The fact is Windows Optimal Settings is a fake system fixer tool and it can bring no benefit. Its only purpose is to mass up your system and cheat your money.

You must remove Windows Optimal Settings as soon as possible.

How to remove Windows Optimal Settings easily?

Using a spyware removal tool is surely the easiest way to get rid of Windows Optimal Settings. If you already have one in your system, follow the below step to remove Windows Optimal Settings now.

1. Enter Safe Mode (if your spyware removal needs networking, you should enter Safe Mode with Networking)

2. Open Task Manager to end Windows Optimal Settings process if the rogue software can automatically run at safe Mode.

3. Run a scan and remove detected files

4. Clean up temporary files

5. Clean up windows registry to make sure that Windows Optimal Settings does not leave some entries or it can easily get back to your computer.

Notes: The 5th step is option and depends on whether your spyware removal can clean up registry. The key in those steps is to block Windows Optimal Settings from running at first and the most important point is whether your spyware removal program can detect Windows Optimal Settings. If you encounter with problem in either of these two steps, you have another alternative.

Recommended Windows Optimal Settings removal tool

A couple of anti spyware programs on the market have tested to be able to remove Windows Optimal Settings completely. Comparing their comprehensive strength including prise, we recommend you to use PC Safe Doctor to remove Windows Optimal Settings. This specialized spyware removal tool can remove Windows Optimal Settings safely and completely.

The issue is urgent as your computer may finally be taken control by a remote party especially if you have already purchase Windows Optimal Settings. Moreover, if you find some manual way to remove the rogue software, you'd better not to have a try. Removing Windows Optimal Settings manually involves lots of PC skills and technical knowledge.

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Useful Tips About Free Software & Software Download

The Internet provides full information on various software’s and software downloads. A person can find easy access to software’s, free downloads and even reviews on the said software. With the rising trend in buying and selling on the internet, purchasing software and getting it delivered to the predetermined location has become extremely easy for the normal user.

The bandwidth trend, and the unlimited downloads made it easier for users all over the world to download any software within a matter of minutes. The greater the bandwidth, the more the surfing and more downloads. Opposing to this, is the dialup, when downloading a 10 MB file meant waiting for days and days. And today, download of a 1 GB file is equivalent to streaming some music videos.

This situation has given rise to websites which provide either free or paid download. Payment can be done through online system like PayPal etc. There are two forms of these basic websites:

Franchise Websites:
Franchise websites offer a database to all the software’s available. They either have parallel websites or to the link to the websites according to the particular software in question.

Coming to free software downloads, as the name suggests these are downloads free of cost. No payments or other charges for the software you want to download. Now all one needs to do is find a website that offers free downloads. Such websites can be easily found through search engines like Google. But finding fool proof software’s can be a painstaking job. We know that nothing on the internet is free. Even when you don’t get charged for the content you download, you might have to agree to some “terms and conditions” like a toolbar, or e-mags etc.

Open source software provides great deals in the software business. Such software is known to be free for use. Some companies (dotcom companies) don’t charge any amount for the download. These companies have numerous purposes for such offers like branding as free software is known as the best way to advertize.

Free Anti-Virus Software:
Free anti virus software is like lingering the bait in the sea. Many of such offers turn up to be hoax in the end, following a basic routine.

The user downloads the software for free; such versions are called trial or basic version. Scan the hard disk of the computer, and many anti virus software’s, while scanning may install the viruses themselves! These viruses can be harmful to the computer i.e. Trojan and malware viruses.

Now the Anti virus comes up with a LONG list of harmful viruses and alerts the user that they will now be cleared out
The user clicks, and now comes a million advertisements coaxing the user to buy the premium version of the software
There is some unlocked or open source anti-virus that is in fact superior to commercial software available in the market. Then, there are some anti-virus companies that have two versions of their anti-virus software, the home version and the enterprise or finest version. The house version of this anti-virus software is of good quality for personal use and is accessible as without charge and permissible software downloads.

Free Spyware Software:
This software’s also often tend to be fake or hoax. Like the Anti Virus software these also have the two versions; the premium and the home version.

Free Home Design Software:
These software actually cater to the needs of the users. This saves up costs of asking your architect to make miniature models. Now you can design your house and watch it on 3D by downloading this software.

Company Websites:
End-user software’s have their own websites owned by companies. A wide range of products are accessible on these websites and will be available for purchase. Specific products will be available only on the specific websites. For example, Microsoft word won’t be available on windows website.

Pros and Cons of Free Software Downloads:
Here is a quick list of the variety of benefits and losses of free of charge software downloads:

No Post Download Support: Companies rarely offer support for free downloadable software from their website. In fact, most software’s that are downloaded for free are mostly beta version, so even if they erase your entire BIOS, it is something a professional will pay no heed to.

Once, downloading single free software would generate ‘sponsor’ software’s. Funnily enough, the client wasn’t even informed that just for that ‘cool’ screensaver or theme, he/she would have these software, malware, Trojans and virus installed on their computer.

There have been a lot of changes though. Downloading free software isn’t as much of a risk anymore. And with the advent of open source, genuinely free software downloads are actually a reality in today’s world.


All-In-One Funeral Software

Although many people find it very difficult to manage all the tasks for a funeral for a loved one, as a funeral professional, you can make these chores easier for everyone involved -- especially when it comes to creating distinctive funeral stationery, touching DVD tribute videos and high-tech funeral webcasts.

Although all-in-one software technology was created with the funeral professional in mind, the technology benefits client families as well. Streamlining the personalization activities for the death care professional, all-in-one funeral software is quick to learn, easy to use, and is there when you need it. With the time and money saved on dealing with outside vendors and re-printing funeral stationery with errors, funeral professionals are able to spend more time with their client families, serve more families and be more profitable.

With all-in-one funeral technology, funeral professionals are able to create beautiful funeral stationery, inspirational video tributes and provide online funeral webcasting services. These menu driven applications walk the user step-by-step through the set up and creation of each product. Preview modes allow you to view and make any correction to what you are going to print or burn to DVD before you perform the task eliminating printing errors, costly mistakes and last minute rushing to correct any inaccuracies. Plus, advanced options have been enabled so that each funeral product or webcast is of top-notch quality and provides client families with a fitting tribute.

Personalized Funeral Stationery

The possibilities of creating unique, personalized and coordinated funeral stationery are almost endless with all-in-one funeral software. This latest technology allows funeral professionals to create up to 450 different themes and include complete personalization. For example, a personalized funeral register book could include not only photographs that tell the story of the person's life, but also include special poems or a verse of significance. Bookmarks can be created in house by the funeral professional as a memorial keepsake and contain the lyrics of the deceased's favorite song. The possibilities are truly endless.

Professional DVD Tribute Videos

Innovative funeral software has turned the DVD tribute video process into a simple three step process that may sound complex, but is really ultra easy. With as many or as few pictures the family would like to use, a funeral professional can quickly scan the photos, add some special effects like music, transitions, or picture touch up and then burn the tribute video onto a DVD. The result is a personal and professional tribute video client families will cherish.

Reliable Funeral Webcasting

With families moving further away from their nuclear circle, sons and daughters going off to college or to serve in the military, or due to illness -- it's not always possible to attend a funeral in person. With funeral webcasting, family and friends who can't attend a funeral can view the service online in either real time or later, at their convenience. For the funeral professional, getting started with funeral webcasting requires some basic equipment and using the proper webcasting software which is also available as part of an all-on-one suite. However, the start up costs are minimal, the software is easy to use and the results are fantastic.

As difficult as it is for a client family to contend with the loss of their loved one, using all-in-one funeral software can help lighten everyone's burden just a bit. The family will know that the funeral service created was as beautiful, inspirational and fitting of a tribute that anyone could imagine. Knowing that the little details are taken care of is always a comfort at such a difficult time.

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How to Unlock a Locked Out User Account in Windows 7

Normally the account lockout duration security setting determines the number of minutes a locked out account remains locked out before automatically becoming unlocked. If the account lockout duration is set to 0 minutes, then a locked out user account will be locked out until an administrator manually unlocks that locked out user account.

This will show you how to manually unlock a user account that was locked out when it reached it's account lockout threshold of invalid logon attempts.

You will only be able to do this while logged in as an administrator.

Locked Out User Account
NOTE: This is the locked out message a user will get if they reach the account lockout threshold number of invalid logon attempts.

Account Lockout - Unlock a Locked Out User Account-logon_screen.jpg

Here's How:
1. Open the Local Users and Groups manager.
2. In the left pane, select Users. (see screenshot below)

Account Lockout - Unlock a Locked Out User Account-lock1.jpg

3. In the right pane under the Name column, double click on the locked out user account. (see screenshot above)
4. Uncheck the Account is locked out box, and click on OK. (see screenshots below)

NOTE: If the Account is locked out option is grayed out, then the selected user account is not locked out.

Account Lockout - Unlock a Locked Out User Account-lock2.jpg

Account Lockout - Unlock a Locked Out User Account-lock3.jpg

5. Close the Local Users and Groups manager.

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Improve Windows Vista & Windows 7 Performance: Advanced Performance Tools

So, you’ve turned off the Aero interface, changed your power settings, adjusted indexing, reduced the number of startup programs, and cleaned the hard disk. All of these tasks can improve Vista performance, but what if you want to take your tweaking to the next level? There’s more you can do to improve Vista’s speed.

Go into the Control Panel and click on Performance Information and Tools. In the Task pane, click on Advanced Tools. Here you’ll find some neat options for improving Vista’s performance. First, Windows will list any performance issues that it has encountered under the Performance Issues section. Follow the links to correct these issues.

Once you’ve addressed any known performance issues, go back to the Advanced Tools screen and explore the following links:
• View performance details in Event log – The Event log is a vast database detailing all “events” that have occurred on your Vista computer over time. Browse the information here in search for patterns and clues to poor performance.

• Open Reliability and Performance Monitor – This monitor gives you a graphical, real-time view of your computer’s performance including: CPU, disk, network, and memory performance. Click on the Reliability Monitor link to view a graphical chart detailing your system’s stability over time. Click on a date and view application, hardware, and Windows failures for that date.

• Open Task Manager – The Task Manager shows you every application and process running on your computer at the moment. It also provides you with CPU and memory usage information.

• View advanced system details in System Information – This link takes you to a display listing everything that you could ever imagine about your computer. If you’ve ever wondered what type and version of BIOS your computer has or which service pack and build your copy of Vista has running, this is the place to go.

• Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows – Follow this link to adjust visual effects, page file size, and data execution prevention.

• Open Disk Defragmenter – The Disk Defragmenter tool is used for re-packing the files on your hard disk. Over time, individual files are broken up into smaller files and pieced together by Windows as needed. When the disk becomes excessively defragmented, all of this piecing files back together takes time and sluggish performance is the result. Run the Disk Defragmenter weekly for the best results.

• Generate a System Health Report – Of all the tools listed in Advanced Tools, the System Health Report is the most useful. Click this link and wait for the System Health Report to be generated. Not only will you learn about the status of your Vista computer’s hardware, resources, processes, and response times, the report also lists suggestions for improving performance as well as displays test results for diagnostic operating system, disk, security, system services, and hardware and device driver checks.

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How to burn a DVD-Video Disc with Nero Burning ROM

Nero is probably the most popular DVD burning program out there, as it comes bundled with many new computers and DVD drives. However, as I can judge from the messages I get, many users get confused from the many options that are available in the program, so in this guide we will clarify one thing: how to make a DVD video disc that plays in standalone players from a folder full of IFO, VOB and other files you have on your hard drive. If you want to create a DVD disc containing data or music files, simply select DVD-ROM (ISO) option and not what we show in this guide. Also at the end I have an extra step that shows how to burn an ISO file, if your DVD is in that format.

Step 1


This is the default window when Nero starts, if it doesn't come up just go to New button in the top left corner. Here select DVD (1) as the type of media you want to burn and then DVD-Video (2). I suggest selecting a low burning speed like 4x (3) for DVD video discs especially if your standalone player is a bit old. Finally click New (4).

Step 2


Here just find the files that you want to burn in the DVD, select them all (1) and drag them in the VIDEO_TS folder (2). It is important that you put all the files inside the VIDEO_TS folder and not in the DVD root. Then make sure DVD5 is selected (3) and click Burn (4).
Keep in mind that we are burning ready DVD files. If you have another type of video files, like avi or mkv for example you need to convert them to DVD format first. Read this guide to learn how to do that.

Step 3


Here you can optionally select the verify (1) the disc after it is burned. It will take more time, but you are sure that you have a correct copy before you delete that DVD files off your hard disk. Remember what I said about Write speed in step 1 (2). When you are ready add a blank DVD and click burn (3).

That's all! Now just wait a few minutes and your DVD will be ready.

If you have an .ISO file


If you have your DVD already in an image format, like ISO, NRG or other you don't have to follow this guide. Just choose Recorder -> Burn Image from Nero's menu, select your image file and then just follow step 3, to correctly burn that file.
That guide should cover most of the cases! If you have any trouble or questions just use the comment form below.

Source: DVD-Guides