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35 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun

There are a lot of online resources available where You can change, enhance and make funny photo editing without knowing and program like Photoshop. Maybe You want to be on magazine cover, want Your own personalized dollar or maybe just want to change Your mood? Now You can do it with just few mouse clicks and in few seconds.

Download Yahoo Messenger YM 11 Offline Installer

Yahoo messenger 11 final version is available for download. After passing through the beta version, the popular instant messaging client also release a stable version. in this latest version incorporates many bug fixes and improved the general stability.

There a few feature in this YM 11, such as can be integrated with Facebook, come with new skin and more. This version of yahoo messenger also can be integrate with Yahoo! Pulse, and Twitter.

How To Make Google+ Look Like Facebook

If you were lucky enough to have received in invite for Google+, you’re probably trying to figure out how to customize it. What if you made the new social network look like Facebook? Thanks to a browser add-on known as Stylish, that’s possible.

All you’ll need is to be using Firefox or Chrome and 5 minutes of your time. Soon, you’ll have Google+ look convincingly similar to Facebook. Sorry, Opera and Internet Explorer users, this won’t work on your browser yet. Here’s how you do it.

Download PC Games: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In The Order of the Phoenix, Harry returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts only to discover that much of the wizarding community has been led to believe that the story of the teenagers recent encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort is a lie, putting Harrys integrity in question. Worse, the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, has appointed a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, the duplicitous Professor Dolores Umbridge. But Professor Umbridges Ministry-approved course of defensive magic leaves the young wizards woefully unprepared to defend themselves against the Dark Forces threatening them, so at the prompting of his friends Hermione and Ron, Harry is convinced to take matters into his own hands. Meeting secretly with a small group of students who name themselves Dumbledores Army, Harry teaches them how to defend themselves against the Dark Arts, preparing the courageous young wizards for the extraordinary battle that lies ahead.

Tips on Enhancing the Speed of Your Laptop

Are you experiencing significant sluggishness in your laptop speed? If yes then there can be numerous reasons behind the same. If you want to find the remedy them proper diagnosis is essential.

Most of the times Windows registry issues are the cause of laptop slowdown. Your registry can be clogged because of continuous installing as well as uninstalling of software. Computer repair professionals suggest the speeding up of laptop by cleaning the registry. This might require a good tool or manual removal of entries. Manual intrusion is not recommended until you yourself are deft with PC repair.Only an experienced computer repair expert can help you with core registry issues.

If your registry is perfectly fine, viruses can be the culprit. In such cases good anti-viruses are indispensible. Installation of the latest version of anti-spyware can make your laptop free from all kinds of spyware and trojans. PC repair service professionals advise laptop users to be careful as spyware can be easily installed using a legitimate software.

Internet Explorer is found to be quite susceptible to the installation of spyware hence other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla can be opted instead of the same. These browsers can easily import your IE favorites when you install them.

In all cases you should always ensure that your anti-viruses, anti-spyware, firewall, etc. are up-to-date and performing so that your laptop is secure from all kinds of virus and trojan intrusions. Moreover you should also be careful in not opening any unknown attachments or links.

In order to enhance the performance you can disable the systray applications. Since every icon runs in the PC memory it can be disabled in order to make your computer run faster. Items listed in the start-up can also be reduced in order to increase the performance of the laptop.

Computer repair service professionals also recommend scan disk function in order to check your laptop for any kind of errors. This checks your drives for various kinds of file system errors and then corrects them. After the machine returns from the scan disk in the same region you can execute defrag or 'disk defragmentation'. The defragmentation process will physically align the files in the best possible manner in your hard drive.

If you still feel your laptop is not giving you its best, it could be the RAM issue. Help from PC repair professionals can also be taken to ensure that your PC gets the best treatment.

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Toshiba AC100 Netbook First Android Based, Battery Hold Up SEVEN DAYS!

Smartbook Toshiba AC100 Toshiba AC100 is the Toshiba AC100′s first netbook that runs on Android 2.1, Android 2.1 exactly , and resulted in the design is sleek and modern netbooks with battery run time up to eight hours of use, or standby mode / standby during the SEVEN DAYS to say netbook with the most lasting battery long for This moment for standby mode.

Yep, seven days, do not be surprised. This netbook runs on NVIDIA Tegra chip 250, with 512MB of DDR2 RAM, and 8GB NAND flash memory, SD / MMC card reader and 1.3MP webcam with microphone will allow you to use video-chat. With Tegra then This netbook also can play 1080p video when plugged into a TV full HD. This capability will make you satisfied when running applications or play your multimedia files.

Toshiba AC100 This running the Android 2.1 eclair, has 10.1-inch TruBrite display with LED-backlighting, and a resolution of 1024 x 600 px. It weighs 870g, and has only one USB port and a miniUSB, but there’s also an HDMI port for connection to a TV. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G are also optionally included. Toshiba AC100 sold with the price $ 438 to $ 548

Lenovo ThinkPad X301 27763PU 13.3-Inch

ThinkPad X301 is a premium ultraportable notebook with a 13.3″ LED backlit widescreen display. It is well-equipped for extreme performance, enhanced wireless connectivity and the digital display technologies.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X301 notebook achieves a new benchmark of excellence in the unrivaled legacy of Think brand innovations – a breakthrough, full-featured business ultraportable that forces none of the compromises typical of other ultraportable systems. Business travelers, meet your new everywhere companion. Technophiles, meet your new object of desire. The X301 advances ultraportable computing offering smart design and cutting-edge technology in the thinnest full-featured ThinkPad notebook ever made. It's the ultimate business tool.

Features and Specs:
1.6GHz Intel SU9600 Core 2 Duo Processor
2 GB Memory; Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150 (AGN 1 x 2)
128 GB Solid State Drive; Ultrathin DVD Burner; Integrated camera; Integrated Bluetooth wireless; Integrated fingerprint reader
13.3-in WXGA+ TFT (1440 x 900) LED backlight, Mobile Intel GS45 Express chip set; Mobile Intel GMA 4500 MHD
Genuine Windows Vista Business; 6-Cell Extended Li-Ion Battery

Download Digital Aquarium Screensaver

Digital aquarium screensaver is a unique screensaver that will bring the underwater world to your computer screen. You can tickle fish and feed fish. The small fish grow up after eating food. Click anywhere on the water and you will begin seeing ripples, the fish themselves will also create their own ripples once the ripples hits them. You can set the quantity of fish, camera focus, fog density, light intensity, waves sound, and bubble count. The screensaver allows you to set your desktop background as aquarium. If you want an aquarium you never have to clean, then this is the screensaver for you.

* 25 speciies of fish
* 3 colorful backgrounds
* Desktop background as aquarium
* Tickle fish and watch fish twist
* Feed fish and watch fish eat
* Small fish grow up after eating food
* Water ripple effect
* Adjust the camera focus
* Adjust the fog density
* Adjust the light intensity
* Adjust the waves sound
* Adjust the bubble count
* Lock the foreground colors
* Lock the background colors
* modify the foreground colors
* modify the background colors
* Show/Hide water
* Show/Hide lights
* Show/Hide terra
* Bubble music
* Compatible with Windows 7(32 and 64 bit)
* Save current setting
* Free technical support
* Free updates of minor versions

Download: Demo Digital Aquarium Screensaver

Buy from digiaquascr

Download Zoner Photo Studio 13 Free

Zoner Photo Studio 13 now available for free, Innovative graphics software company Zoner Software has announced the release of a new version of its standalone Zoner Photo Studio FREE, now based on Zoner Photo Studio 13.

This popular and easy-to-use one-stop photo toolkit for managing, editing and sharing photos now benefits from many features new to Zoner Photo Studio 13.

Take full control of your digital photos, using software Zoner Photo Studio. Get photos from your camera, scanner, or just the screen has never been so easy yet. Have fun organizing, sorting and search your digital photos.With the program, you can change and make more personal your photos with special effects. Amaze your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas!

Key features:
• Powerful photo management and archiving.
• 64-bit version
• Direct upload to Facebook, Flickr and Picassa Web Albums
• Get photos from camera, scanner, memory card or screen
• Quick fix photos with the help of "Quick fix"
• Save time with easy batch operations
• Easily create 3D panoramas and photos
• A set of editing tools, and additional effects
• Add photos to the GPS coordinates of their creation and display location on the map
• Helps to quickly and easily publish images on the site
• Templates for calendars, greeting cards, etc.

Download: Zoner Photo Studio 13

About Google+

Google+ (Plus) is one social network launch by project google at 28 June 2011. Big war between social network google+ and facebook will start now. And whois the winner? It one way google work out for take over big popular Facebook. At before, google has launch Google Wave and Google Buzz but get less respone from people.

According to An institute survey in the United States,, reported that there were as many as 4.5 million users who use the service google plus. “Nearly 5 million” said Paul Allen, founder of, in PCMag.

Google+ (Plus) Feature:

1. Circles. This function can be used to insert the names of friends into groups and users can share content with different formats in this circle of friends.
2. Hangouts. This is a conferencing service is more than two people with a video call.
3. Huddle. This service provides the groups in this network to send instant messages.
4. Sparks. This feature connects the individuals in this network to people who have the same interests towards something.

Google+ Project Quick Look Video

Google+ (Plus) at now still beta and for register need to invite from people or friend has been join. It’s because very hight interest person. For registration google+ you must have google account.

Google+ (Plus) can access from

Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Review

Lenovo's ThinkPad X200 series has a long history of combining lightweight portability, epic battery life, and uncompromising performance. The 12.5-inch, $1,299 ThinkPad X220 offers a couple of new riffs on this familiar theme, including a 16:9 screen, an Intel 2nd Generation Core processor and a large textured clickpad.

The X220 was just introduced this month and represents Lenovo's latest ultraportable ThinkPad. Feature highlights include a 12.5" 1366x768 IPS display, a solidly built thin frame and starting weight of 3 pounds. The ThinkPad X series refresh is available in various configurations, from the Core i3-2310M all the way up to the high-end i7-2620M (the series fastest dual-core mobile processor). The ThinkPad X220 also includes a full-size keyboard and an all-new oversized touchpad with integrated mouse-click buttons.

Lenovo's ThinkPad X200 equipped with a dual-core Core i5-2520M clocked at 2.5GHz (four thread capable with Hyper-Threading). This processor packs Intel's new HD 3000 graphics core and has max TDP of only 35W. Other specs include 4GB of PC3-10700 DDR3, a Hitachi 320GB 7200RPM hard drive, Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wireless, Bluetooth, a 6-cell Li-ion battery and as mentioned before a 12.5" IPS display.

Acer AC700 Chromebook 3G Review

The Acer Chromebook is the future of computing. In a stylish simplified design with 11.6" HD display, it's the ideal device for users who live and breathe online, craving the speed to go from one site to the next in an instant. Acer Chromebook is powered by Intel® dual-core processor, Chrome OS, and fast 3G connectivity, delivering a ground-breaking user experience that’s fast, simple, and unlike any other. State-of-the-art security keeps you protected each and every time you turn the Chromebook on. Now there's nothing standing between you and the web!


  • The Acer Chromebook is the future of computing. In a stylish simplified design with 11.6" HD display,
  • With built-in WiFi and 3G it's easy to jump online from just about anywhere- airports, coffee shops and more!
  • Your apps, documents, and settings are stored safely in the cloud.
  • Chromebooks run the first consumer operating system designed to defend against the ongoing threat of malware and viruses.
  • Your favorite websites load quickly and run smoothly, full support for the latest web standards and Adobe® Flash®.
  • And no matter where you are, you can access all of your information and data since it?s stored online in the cloud.
  • Chromebooks boot in 8 seconds and resume instantly.
  • Even if you lose your computer, you can log into another Chromebook and get back to work.
  • In fact, Chromebooks are designed to get faster over time as updates are released.
  • It's the ideal device for users who live and breathe online.
  • They employ the principle of "defense in depth" to provide multiple layers of protection.
  • 11.6” HD Widescreen CineCrystal LED-backlit LCD: (1366 x 768) resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Dual-core Intel Processor
  • 2GB DDR3 Memory
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
  • 16GB Solid State Drive
  • 1.3 Megapixel HD Webcam (1280 x 1024)
  • High-Definition Audio Support
  • Two Built-in Speakers
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
  • Built-in 3G Wireless
  • 2- USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1- HDMI™ Port
  • Full-sized Chrome Keyboard with dedicated keys for the web
  • Oversized, Multi-touch Touchpad
  • Memory card slot for storing photos, music, and video
  • 6 hours of continuous use
  • .3.3 lbs (system unit only)