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How to Setting System Restore In Vista and Se7en

If you want to change when or how often System Restore creates an automatic restore point then this is how.
Click on the Start Orb and in the 'Search' box type Task Scheduler and click 'Enter'.
In the scheduler click on 'Task Scheduler Library' then 'Microsoft'.

Click on Windows then scroll down to 'System Restore' and click on that.
You will now see SR Ready (or Queued) Multiple Triggers Defined, double click on that.

Click on the 'Triggers' tab and you will see the default settings are to run at Startup and midnight everyday.

If you never have your computer on at midnight ( I dont, I am at work) then you can change it to a more suitable time by double clicking on the task.
On the next window that opens you will see the default settings, dont change 'On a Schedule' but you can now change the start time by clicking on either the 'Up' or the 'Down' arrows.

It is advisable to leave the rest of the default settings under this tab as they are but obviously the choice is yours.
Click on the 'Conditions' tab and you will see that the computer idle time is 10 minutes by default, this is the time the schedule will wait after your machine is idle before running.
The 'Wait for idle for' means the schedule will run up to the time you have set, in my case 23 hours.

The 'History' tab shows you when the task has been run in the past and the outcome.

Click on the 'Triggers' tab again and double click on 'At Startup'.
You will see a delay of 30 minutes has been set, this is so it wont run while your machine is booting so leave it on that setting.

Click on 'OK' then close the Sheduler and any changes you made will be saved.

Although it worth changing the default midnight time to a more suitable time, I wouldnt change the settings much more than that.

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