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Netbook, a new trend in mobile world

Interestingly, the prices of the notebook computer have dropped even though its capability is better than the previous generation.

Netbooks and nettops have been launched to allow people in developing countries easier access to computers. This mission is in line with the program "Intel World Ahead". In addition to Intel, vendors of the class of Dell and HP (Hewlett-Packard) have also produced UMPCs because of the gadget's great business potential.

Other vendors have also rushed into the market with this product. Then Acer entered the market with Acer Aspire One, followed by MSI Wind from MSI, BenQ Joybook Lite U101, Quantel, Zyrex Ubud, Anoa, Fujitsu, Wibrain and many others.

Take Asus Eee PC, for example. The cheapest type is sold at below Rp 3 million. UMPCs of other makes with more complete features are sold at prices ranging between Rp 3 million and Rp 6 million. Aside from the price, the advantage of a netbook lies in its features. The features of a UMPC are just like those of an UMPC laptop. An UMPC also uses a modern operational system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or Linux.

On average an UMPC weighs no more than 1 kg while an ordinary notebook usually weighs above 1.5 kgs. A netbook has a screen measuring between 4.3" and 7". The screen of an UMPC can either be a touch screen (active and passive) or an ordinary LCD screen.

It is true that the technology adopted by an UMPC differs from the technology used by a notebook. The technology used by an UMPC is still lower than the technology used by a notebook. The processor of an UMPC is of the ULV (ultra low voltage) type, which is oriented to maximizing the durability of the batteries such as Dell Inspiron 1150 Battery. Indeed, an UMPC is not designed to replace a notebook. The processor usually used in an UMPC is AMD Geode, Via, Intel Atom or Intel Celeron ULV (Ultra Low Voltage). An UMPC is indeed intended for a user who needs a notebook without attaching importance to the other less important features. This gadget usually has only the standard features to run office and Internet applications only. Only the latest products have quite a spacious storage medium. One expectation the UMPC has yet to fulfill is the capability of the gadget to be used for communications.

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