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Top Mini Netbook Options Review

A mini netbook is a laptop that is specifically tailored for portability by reducing the size of the laptop without compromising on standards and features. The mini netbooks have become very popular especially for students and people who need to work as they travel. They come in a wide range of makes, performance and looks. Below is a review of 5 of the mini netbook options available in the market.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad X120 is one of Lenovo's top netbook. Though not as portable as the competitors offers, it comes with very powerful specs and it comes in a range of extra features. It comes fully loaded with extra USB ports, blue-tooth, voice and finger identification security, advanced web-cam, fully multimedia and so much more. The price of this model of mini Netbook goes for about $500.
  • HP mini 5 103 is the top HP mini netbook in the market. This netbook is fully portable with a slim body and great security features. The mini netbook also comes packed with a range of extras including a high pixel camera, excellent navigation pad, ideal for Window 7 and sufficient USB ports for computer based equipment compatibility. The only for this mini netbook is that due to ite small size, the display screen is pretty compromised.
  • The Acer Aspire One 522- BZ is one of the top Acer mini netbook. It is pretty compact and portable and comes with a fully loaded specs. It has a blue tooth, powerful camera and webcam, security features, high processor  speed and high capacity storage and comes ready for Windows7 professional installation. The other advantage of this mini netbook is that it is fairly priced. Its average market prices ranges at $330.
  • Toshiba Mini Netbook NB505 to NB508 are a quality range of mini netbooks. The main strength of these range of netbooks from Toshiba is that they have a long life battery that enables you to work long without power source. This really adds onto the portability feature. You need to be able to work through the long flights without power outs. The mini netbook range also comes in a wide selection of colors that especially attract the ladies. The draw back of this netbook is that it has a slow processor.
  • Samsung N210 is the mini netbook from Samsung. The netbook has a special designed screen that makes it easy to see and work even in areas with both bright and no light. Besides the light sensitive and auto adjustment screen, the netbook is also quite portable and is loaded with all standard and full multimedia specs.

If you are settled on purchasing a mini Netbook from a specific manufacturer, you can get it from local suppliers or from online suppliers  Online dealers may be a better deal to purchase since they come with a wider option variety option and the prices are more likely to be lower than those in the local computer shop. A thorough check on supplier needs to be done before you purchase a good online. You can never be very sure with online dealers. There are many cases of fraudulent online dealers especially for popular gadgets such as laptops and mini netbooks.

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