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GIF Banner Designing Tool and Its Features

Finding a nice GIF Banner designing utility is not difficult now a days. The best thing about animated tag makers is that they comprise various effective elements. These add to the look of your tag, making them more effective. Majority of tools have the simple drag-and-drop functionality in them which makes it easy for users to create such streamers. These utilities let you get output in GIF technology. Let us see what different features are there in these tools.

a) Character map and arc text option- For the curved effects to be given in text, the arc option is the one that you can use. Many programs have this option. Character map functionality shows characters for a font which you could insert in your design.

b) Library to choose background- There libraries in these tools are from where you can select either animated or static background. It is best to infuse both the styles. The reason behind not using a completely flash design is that some people might have problem in viewing. This is so because if a person does not have a Reader installed on system, then anything created with this technology will not display.

c) Image addition- GIF banner maker that does not have this option will fail to offer its user complete freedom of creation. This feature helps in inserting image in any object selected. Along with an image, you can also fill a symbol, text and different shapes.

d) Different shapes for background- Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Ellipse, Diamond, Hexagon, Octagon, Star and Semi circle. These are some of the shapes you could choose for the background.

Apart from this, there are many other functionality that you would find. There are many templates in them too. These are particularly helpful for the starters, who may never have created a pattern for a streamer. Size of a banner holds a lot of importance. This is particular when they are to be placed on websites. In these software products, you will find various sets of sizes to choose for your tag. Proper alignment and measurement of the pattern is necessary so that the look seems to be aptly balanced. For this, there is a feature in these utilities which is 'Ruler'. Measuring of the tag becomes easy and elements can be aptly placed. Also, along with using animation in the background, the text can also be created in animated form.

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