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Lcd Or Plasma - Which Is Best For Your Digital Signage Display?

In today's world of digital signage is a debate which is the best choice of screen - LCD or plasma.

There are many factors summarized here, including the performance and cost that will determine whether to choose LCD or plasma for your digital signage display.

Mechanics described in the January 2007 article on the differences between LCD and plasma non-specialist competence. Overall:

LCD is composed of two sheets of transparent material is polarized, one of which is treated with a polymer containing liquid crystals. Crystals interpret the electrical current and control the light that passes through. Fluorescent tubes behind the crystals to produce light that passes through to the viewer. The crystals do not emit light on both the LCD display uses less power than other displays.

Plasma displays use glass coated with bubbles of ionized gas containing red, blue and green subcompartments. Phosphorescent coating is applied to the glass and when electricity passes through the plasma emits ultraviolet rays, which show the corresponding color.


Oft-cited concern is the burn-in plasma screens. Depending on what you read, burn-in is a serious problem or whether it is small, which can be easily remedied.

Burn-in is a term used to describe the static images, which become permanently visible after being displayed for a long time. Burn-in is not only a question of LCD displays can become a problem plasma. Burn-in is becoming less of an issue, because companies are using digital signage display some simple techniques for avoiding it: the images are rotated frequently, using more motion and reducing the contrast and brightness levels.

Lifecycle is another problem. LCD had a longer life at a time, but the average lifespan of LCD and plasma are about the same now, which lasts about 50,000 hours each.

LCD units are lighter and consume less energy, factors which may affect your decision.

Contrast ratio (the difference between black and white) are much higher in the plasma, resulting in a clearer and brighter picture. Plasma screens, video images and fast motion better than LCD, and offers a wider viewing angle, which may be important for retail environments.

Cost and Size

The determining factor between LCD and plasma, it is often the price. With large-format LCD prices dropping, the cost is becoming less of an issue.

Size is an issue that ties in with the flow, because it has its own budget, which could ultimately determine the size of the screen to choose from. Plasma is generally available in larger sizes, although this is becoming an LCD get bigger. Plasma does still tend to carry larger displays - digital signage display designers prefer to show more than 50 inches.

How did you decide to Digital Signage Display Format?

Both LCD and plasma offer incentives, depending on your needs. When deciding on your digital signage display, you should take a good look at your budget and factor in the size of display needed

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