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The 3DNA Desktop is designed to improve the way you work with Windows and the Web. You can choose from different 3D Add-on Worlds to explore and customize for an immersive and entertaining desktop. 3DNA is not a replacement for Windows - it works seamlessly with your current set up, while giving you a much better way to use your PC.

Benefits of the package:
Launch applications, open files, play music
Retains all Windows functionality
Integrated games within the desktop
Move and organize your programs, shortcuts, and documents to your liking
Scans your hard drive and creates a custom desktop
Real world, recognizable 3D icons for linking to programs
Dynamic content feeds from the Internet
Seamlessly integrates personal desktop, Web browsing, and portal functions
Browser Bay allows you to speed surf dozens of websites at once
Dynamically change environment themes
User customizable environments with movable furniture
Decorate your environment with your favorite digital pictures
Play with 3D toys with lifelike behaviors
Complete drag and drop from Windows and the Web to 3DNA
Beautiful, animated skies that automatically change from day to night in real time
In-scene controls for playing music from within 3DNA

Download FULL Serial Version 1.1 >> Click Here

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