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Useful Tips About Free Software & Software Download

The Internet provides full information on various software’s and software downloads. A person can find easy access to software’s, free downloads and even reviews on the said software. With the rising trend in buying and selling on the internet, purchasing software and getting it delivered to the predetermined location has become extremely easy for the normal user.

The bandwidth trend, and the unlimited downloads made it easier for users all over the world to download any software within a matter of minutes. The greater the bandwidth, the more the surfing and more downloads. Opposing to this, is the dialup, when downloading a 10 MB file meant waiting for days and days. And today, download of a 1 GB file is equivalent to streaming some music videos.

This situation has given rise to websites which provide either free or paid download. Payment can be done through online system like PayPal etc. There are two forms of these basic websites:

Franchise Websites:
Franchise websites offer a database to all the software’s available. They either have parallel websites or to the link to the websites according to the particular software in question.

Coming to free software downloads, as the name suggests these are downloads free of cost. No payments or other charges for the software you want to download. Now all one needs to do is find a website that offers free downloads. Such websites can be easily found through search engines like Google. But finding fool proof software’s can be a painstaking job. We know that nothing on the internet is free. Even when you don’t get charged for the content you download, you might have to agree to some “terms and conditions” like a toolbar, or e-mags etc.

Open source software provides great deals in the software business. Such software is known to be free for use. Some companies (dotcom companies) don’t charge any amount for the download. These companies have numerous purposes for such offers like branding as free software is known as the best way to advertize.

Free Anti-Virus Software:
Free anti virus software is like lingering the bait in the sea. Many of such offers turn up to be hoax in the end, following a basic routine.

The user downloads the software for free; such versions are called trial or basic version. Scan the hard disk of the computer, and many anti virus software’s, while scanning may install the viruses themselves! These viruses can be harmful to the computer i.e. Trojan and malware viruses.

Now the Anti virus comes up with a LONG list of harmful viruses and alerts the user that they will now be cleared out
The user clicks, and now comes a million advertisements coaxing the user to buy the premium version of the software
There is some unlocked or open source anti-virus that is in fact superior to commercial software available in the market. Then, there are some anti-virus companies that have two versions of their anti-virus software, the home version and the enterprise or finest version. The house version of this anti-virus software is of good quality for personal use and is accessible as without charge and permissible software downloads.

Free Spyware Software:
This software’s also often tend to be fake or hoax. Like the Anti Virus software these also have the two versions; the premium and the home version.

Free Home Design Software:
These software actually cater to the needs of the users. This saves up costs of asking your architect to make miniature models. Now you can design your house and watch it on 3D by downloading this software.

Company Websites:
End-user software’s have their own websites owned by companies. A wide range of products are accessible on these websites and will be available for purchase. Specific products will be available only on the specific websites. For example, Microsoft word won’t be available on windows website.

Pros and Cons of Free Software Downloads:
Here is a quick list of the variety of benefits and losses of free of charge software downloads:

No Post Download Support: Companies rarely offer support for free downloadable software from their website. In fact, most software’s that are downloaded for free are mostly beta version, so even if they erase your entire BIOS, it is something a professional will pay no heed to.

Once, downloading single free software would generate ‘sponsor’ software’s. Funnily enough, the client wasn’t even informed that just for that ‘cool’ screensaver or theme, he/she would have these software, malware, Trojans and virus installed on their computer.

There have been a lot of changes though. Downloading free software isn’t as much of a risk anymore. And with the advent of open source, genuinely free software downloads are actually a reality in today’s world.


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