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Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Tips

Fire in Short Bursts

It’s as simple as this. If you keep your finger on the fire trigger…you’re going to die. Burst fire is by far the most effective firing method in call of duty 4. Short bursts are so effective because in most cases only a few bullets are need to stop your enemy and anything more then a short burst will decrease your shot accuracy


Flanking, we’ve found, is the most under used AND most effective method for acquiring multiple quick kills in Call of Duty 4. Flanking is the method of making your way BEHIND your enemy (preferably while they’re in a fire fight with your team mates) so that you are positioned for an easy kill (or hopefully kills). Flanking is not always possible. There are a lot of positions on most maps were getting behind your enemy is impossible. But it usually doesn’t take long for the enemy to advance enough or move locations so that Flanking again becomes a viable strategy.

Use the Knife when in close range

If you are close enough to hit your enemy with the knife…DO IT! Even up against an enemy with a gun, knifes will almost always be more effective. The reason? It only takes ONE swipe with a knife to kill your enemy, were as it’ll usually take a few bullets to take them down.


Crouching while moving is the most effective means of getting around the map. While crouching you’re fire is more accurate. To take advantage of this even more, try keeping your sites up while crouching and moving. Any enemy who comes running by will be easy pickins if you are crouched and sited. EXCEPTION: anytime you are in an open space with your back exposed to multiple locations…RUN. Run to a location where you can, 1. Take cover behind an object and crouch shoot or 2. Run to an area where your back is not exposed and you can crouch walk with your sites up.

Take Cover

When you’re taking fire, find the closest cover and crouch behind it. Be careful taking cover behind cars (It they haven’t already, they’ll explode when shot). Be careful taking cover behind objects that bullets can penetrate (crates, fences, clay walls, etc). Once the enemy has stopped firing, quickly take a look and return fire if possible. If you are being shot at by more than one enemy and want to get out from behind your cover to move to a more advantageous location, use a flashbang grenade.

Keep Moving

When you are not behind cover…you better be in motion. Standing out in the open is dumb, plain and simple. If you need to come out behind cover, make sure you know were you are going and if there is cover to hide behind when you get there. Using the crouch method described above when going from cover point to cover point is the best method for staying alive and achieving radar (3kills in a row without dying), airstrike (5 kills without dying) and Helicopter (7 kills without dying). The only time running is recommended is when the match first starts up and you are trying to get to a location that will give you a tactical advantage, (see map by map section), if you’re in an open area, or if you know an enemy is near and you are trying to make it into a building or behind a solid object

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